The End of Legal Aid


As things stand from November 2011 legal aid will be limited to a very few cases (such as care proceedings or situations involving domestic violence). Clients will not have legal aid and we are worried that people will have to deal with complicated matters at court in person.

Our Service To You

Our hourly rates are competitive but even so some people will struggle to pay legal fees. In an effort to assist people in difficult situations we are now offering a reduced hourly rate of £95 + vat per hour which we call FamilyLite.

Technically so far as the court is concerned you are acting in person. You will be responsible for filing papers at court and paying the necessary court fees (sometimes you can be exempt from these). We cannot provide our full service at the lower rate but it is likely that in many cases FamilyLite will be all that you require. Call us now for a discussion regarding your case

What it Covers

  • Providing advice
  • Drafting and sending letters
  • Negotiating by correspondence and telephone
  • Preparing court papers

What it does not cover

  • Court hearings
  • Face to face meetings with the other party
  • Preparation of legal submissions to the court in readiness for hearings.

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