Domestic Violence - Don't Suffer in Silence

It is sadly true to say that Domestic Abuse is an issue in a significant number of relationships. As Rebecca Ellerbeck of Howard and Over Solicitors, explains, "Domestic abuse is much more common than people realise. Many factors can contribute towards stress in a relationship and when levels of stress rise domestic abuse peaks."

On numerous occasions such abuse is often witnessed by children causing them significant distress and long term emotional problems.

Domestic abuse is not only physical violence but can include emotional or psychological abuse, sexual violence and abuse, threats, harassment and financial control. It can happen in all kinds of relationships and for any reason irrespective of age, race, sexuality, sex, wealth, geography and lifestyle.

Domestic abuse tends to follow a pattern of abuse and is designed to consciously control and dominate a partner/ former partner or family member. Once the abuse starts it often gets worse over time.

Whilst women are more likely to be the victims of domestic violence, men are also affected.

The first step in dealing with domestic abuse is to recognise what is happening to you and understand that you are not to blame.

It is important to tell someone you can trust as quickly as possible.

There are remedies available to protect you if you or your family are victims of domestic violence. The Court can make a Non-molestation Order which forbids the abuser from abusing or threatening violence, harassing, pestering or intimidating you and any children. Such an Order gives the Police powers to arrest the abuser should the Order be broken. The Court can also make an Occupation Order which will enable you to enforce your right to stay living in your home and for the abuser to leave.

Howard and Over’s Domestic Abuse Team have significant experience in dealing with Injunctions and other work necessary to protect victims of domestic abuse.

During office hours please contact Rebecca Ellerbeck on 01752 690123

We can also put you in touch with local support networks who will continue to support and assist you in coming to terms with the situation once all legal aspects have been dealt with and the appropriate protection afforded. There is a huge amount of support out there!

Support Networks

• Plymouth Domestic Abuse Service– 01752 252033

• 24 hour National Domestic Violence Helpline – 0808 200 0247

If you are affected by domestic abuse please do call us. Don’t suffer in silence.


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