A Parting of the Ways

Both employees and employers are loathe to take matters to the final hearing of an employment tribunal for reasons of stress and cost respectively. Sometimes, as a matter of principle, both parties will want their day in court. However, there is way in which the dispute can be settled with benefits to employee and employer alike.

A compromise agreement is a legally binding document that normally provides for a tax free settlement sum (up to a limit) and a reference for the employee whereas the employer has peace of mind that no further legal proceedings will be brought against the company with the added guarantee that the departing worker will not bad mouth them or release confidential business information.

Agreements can be adapted to reflect the particular circumstances of the dispute and the needs of the client. Costs are limited, stress is reduced and the parties have finality.

If you are considering legal proceedings against an employer, are currently involved in an active case or have been offered a compromise agreement take legal advice. Alternatively, if you are an employer with a difficult employee whose employment you wish to terminate without any comeback or settle a matter before you get to the tribunal doors a solicitor can help.

An agreement may be a way of resolving your case without the heartache and the expense of legal proceedings especially with the introduction of employment tribunal fees for employees in July 2013.

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