“You’re Fired! – Alan Sugar may be in Hot Water

Stella English who was the 2010 winner of the TV reality show The Apprentice with Lord Alan Sugar as the host, is bringing an employment claim against Lord Sugar’s company.

Stella English is claiming her employment was a “sham” and that she was an “overpaid lackey”.

Ms English is claiming unfair constructive dismissal when Lord Sugar told her that her fixed term contract would not be renewed.

Fixed term contracts can be lawfully terminated on expiry of the term when it is shown that the contract was adopted for a genuine purpose and the fact was known to the employer. Also, the employer would have to show that the specific purpose for which the contract was adopted ceased to be applicable.

If in doubt seek legal advice - See - http://uk.tv.yahoo.com/apprentice-winner-overpaid-lackey-155201856.html”

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