Saving Your Licence – Exceptional Hardship

We all make mistakes. 49% of people admit to exceeding the 70mph limit on motorways. Sometimes the points build up and you may be facing a ban of 6 months or more. All is not lost. You may be able to claim exceptional hardship and keep your licence albeit with the points left on to remind you that another slip up will result in a ban. To quote a well-known wood preservative exceptional hardship “does exactly what it says on the tin”. In other words, if you were banned from driving then it would cause exceptional hardship not only to yourself but also to another person who is dependent upon you.

Think of an employer whose employees rely on him or her for transport and have no other alternative. If the employer loses his or her licence then they will lose their jobs.

You may have an elderly or disabled relative or friend who relies on you to get to hospital appointments or to the shops. Loss of your licence leaves them stranded.

Don’t leave the argument to the day of the hearing. Contact a solicitor for advice early on. It may be that you can avoid the points altogether with a lawyer to examine the paperwork from the police or the equipment used. However, as shown by the case of Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce never, never, never lie otherwise it will be your liberty as well as your licence that is lost!

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