Sales & Purchase of Business

You may be selling only the Assets of your business or you could be a company and wish to sell the shares. We can advise you on the best option for your business.

We can help establish if the Transfer will be of a Going Concern and the implications of this on your sale/purchase.

Employees are a relevant part of all businesses and should not be ignored in a sale or purchase transaction. We can advise you on your obligations under the employment regulations TUPE.


Sale and Purchase of Commercial Premises

We can help with the sale or purchase of both freehold and leasehold commercial premises.

Commercial Mortgages

We have experience in dealing with Guarantees and Legal Charges and can ensure all the requirements of your Lender are met to enable them to finance your transaction.

We are proud of our knowledge of the local area and in particular we deal with a large number of transactions in Plymouth, Plympton, Plymstock, Ivybridge, and the South Hams.

Getting the right advice now could save you thousands in expensive litigation fees further down the line

Agricultural Services

We offer full legal services to our agricultural clients including the sale or purchase of land and property, including development of formerly agricultural land.

We are able to assist with the creation of a farming partnership including the preparation of a partnership agreement.

Succession planning is especially important for farmers. It is vital to utilise tax exemptions such as Agricultural Property Relief and Business Property Relief whilst ensuring a fair division of your assets between your family. We can provide full estate planning including the preparation of Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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Harry Austin


Donna Baker

Partner & Solicitor

What Clients think about our service:

"Donna Baker provided excellent service in all respects - efficient, meticulous, prompt and friendly!"

"I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for your work, and for your professionalism in getting this lease arranged. I am once again very impressed with the service that Howard & Over have provided, and how approachable you have been throughout what turned out to be a very drawn out process. It was a comfort knowing I had you both working in my interest, and will of course continue to use your service when the occasion arises again."

Who has been contracted to carry out the works?

Construction projects can vary massively in size and complexity and can potentially involve a number of people and organisations working on your project. Depending on how the contract has been set up a contractor may:-

  • Take responsibility for both designing and building the relevant works whether he subcontracts the design work or has an in-house design team.
  • Alternatively the overall responsibility for design may be held by another party such as an architect or engineer directly employed by you as the employer, or
  • The design work may be spread over a number of professionals and trades individually employed by you as the employer.

In any dispute it is important to identify the correct party to pursue as seeking redress from the wrong party can be expensive in time and costs. Likewise if a claim is brought against you it is important to make sure that the person bringing the claim has the contractual right to pursue you for the money. If you are unclear as to the relevant contractual situation for your project we can help decipher what has been agreed between the parties concerned.

What has been the cause of the failure of the works?

Is the issue one of design or construction? Has the contractor built the works in accordance with the contract but the design of the works is fundamentally flawed? Alternatively would the design if built properly by the contractor succeed but the contractor has failed to implement that design correctly? Perhaps the cause of failure is a mixture of both failures in design and construction? We can assist in the process of determining who has taken responsibility for the different areas of work involved.

How to resolve the resulting dispute?

Most disputes can be resolved by good communication between the parties and having a clear understanding or what each party has contracted to do. However if parties cannot resolve their dispute through direct talks we have experience of the following means of dispute resolution:-

  • Adjudication,
  • Arbitration,
  • Mediation, or
  • Litigation

If you wish to discuss the dispute that you are having please get in contact with us. We would recommend that you obtain an initial view of your dispute at an early stage as the correct handling of an issue that has arisen on your project at an early stage could potentially save you thousands of pounds.

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